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Code of Ethic and Principals

  1. We respect the power of consulting and apply it for the benefit of our clientele.
  2. We listen carefully to those who are concerned about the implications of our
    recommendations and respond to their concerns.
  3. We support strong protection of the confidentiality of our clientele’s information.
  4. We respect the competitors involved in our industry and deal with them professionally.
  5. We are sensitive to and considerate of the ethical and social issues regarding our consulting
  6. We adhere to strict informed consent procedures.
  7. We will abide by the ethical standards of the appropriate association/bodies and, where
    appropriate, other professional societies to ensure that our services are appropriately used.
  8. We win engagements on our own merit and will not solicit business by criticism of
    competitors, self-laudation, or lobbying.
  9. We will avoid conflicts of interest and will not don conflicting roles at the same time (e.g., role
    of strategic consultants and auditors for the same client at the same time).

Code of Minimum Expectations

  1. Develop partnerships with our customers.
  2. Identify the performance necessary to meet—and exceed—business goals.
  3. Commit to taking all actions needed to enhance the effectiveness of our client organizations.
  4. Migrate our focus from simply “delivery” to “performance improvement.”
  5. Present reality: Customers choose solution providers based on their ability to effectively add
    technology; it serves to keep them competitive.
  6. Future reality: Repeat business will go to those solution providers who deliver a product and
    a service that demonstrates commitment to an organization’s effectiveness.