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Compliance business excellent model

In general, using our Business Excellence Model as a framework, Reach Management Group LLC Solutions can provide expertise in the following compliance areas:


We work with you to conduct (or review) a gap analysis in order to clearly define the necessary people, process and technology improvement areas that will meet regulatory requirements.

To make reporting and compliance a more manageable process, we work with clients to define an appropriate performance scorecard that uses metrics to determine progress over time. “What gets measured gets managed.”


We work with you to develop and implement customized training and awareness programs to ensure that the appropriate information and knowledge is being presented and retained by employees.


By understanding the gap in performance, Reach Management Group LLC Solutions can design, plan and implement appropriate solutions that make sense for your organization, and achieve the necessary regulatory requirements.

Integrating People, Process and Technology™ means that the solutions we design are meant to work within your environment, and not just put on the shelf once Reach Management UK LLC’ re done.


Reach Management Group LLC has experience in the areas standards and regulatory domains. Reach Management Group LLC has experience in helping companies gain certification in different domains.

Compliance Validation

Reach Management Group LLC will provide Client with a Compliance Validation Service designed to manage the overall compliance process and aid in achieving the compliance objectives. Our consultant will host a series of frequent planned[1] calls / meetings / interviews to commence the service as needed.

Throughout the project, Reach Management Group LLC provides comprehensive support including continually updated information. In addition, email and multilingual phone support are available to answer any questions regarding compliance or scanning results.

The Compliance Validation Service consists of several phases, and to ensure comprehensive and efficient service, the Client must fulfil their obligations within each phase before progressing to subsequent phases.